Monday, 21 May 2012

Daily Denim

Shorts are like my best buddies when it comes to clothes. When I'm in a hurry and when I've got no time to dress up, I just simply put on my shorts and pair it with a cute top. Then, tada! I'm ready to go. I love them! They're also really comfy. 

top from Penshoppe

top from Old Navy

How about you, what's this clothing that you can't live without? Tell me, maybe?

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Kdrama: Love Rain

Whenever I have problems or when I feel sad, I do two things to get over it. First, I eat! And second, I watch Korean Dramas. People say that I'm addicted to it and okay, I accept that. Anyway, here's something you might have an interest in, a good drama to watch... Love Rain. 

photos from tumblr

Love Rain talks about a 1970's ill-fated love story and a present love story. 
In 1970's, Seo In Ha falls in love with Kim Yoon Hee at first sight, it only took him 3 seconds to realize that. But it seems like destiny has taken over and separated them. After time, each moved on. In Ha’s son meets Yoon Hee’s daughter and surprisingly falls in love like with her. What a small world, right? Really, it's kind of complicated so you better watch it yourself.
Will they stay together or will they end up badly like their parents? That's we should watch out for! 
You can watch it here if you like. 

I feel dizzy so I'm gonna sleep now. Gotta go guys!

Sunday, 13 May 2012


What did you do today? Did you all have fun? Well, I did! It's the birthday of the baby of our close family friend and my family was invited. We went to Liloan to visit them. Here are some pictures.

pink tank top, shorts from F21, tie (used as belt) from SM accessories, floral doll shoes.
HYPE this look on Lookbook here

By the way, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! xx

Friday, 11 May 2012


Hi I'm a Newbie Blogger! 

 I'm Rikka, and I'm turning 15 soon. I read blogs and all but it took me till now to make my own. 

So here it goes, this blog is going to be more about me. About what I like and what inspires me. From now on, I'll be posting a lot more so I hope you keep in touch! Umm, okay... I'm not so good at this so I do hope you bear with me.